At Coen Steel, delivering to the best possible standards is at the core of our business philosophy. We apply rigorous procedures that comply fully with BS EN ISO 9002 to protect the quality of our products and services.

Our CARES quality certification (see below for 2017 certificate) provides further confidence to our customers in the quality and reliability of our steel products and services.

CARES is an independent, not-for-profit certification body, established in 1983 to provide confidence to the users, purchasers and specifiers of constructional steels through a regime of regulation, testing and inspection. CARES certificates firms at all levels through the supply chain, from the production of hot metal through processing and stocking and distribution. CARES-approved companies and products can be used in confidence that they will comply with the relevant product or system standards and without the need for verification testing by the purchaser or contractor.

CARES is an international operator, providing certification in over 40 countries worldwide.

Download our Quality Certs below:

 Cares Certs 2017




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