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Coen Steel – Laser Steel

Laser steel has been on the market for 25+ years. It is a flat, clean steel which has guaranteed flatness before and after cutting. Due to the flatness of laser steel it is quick to cut which reduces the need for re-working and in turn decreases production times and reduces the cost of production. By using laser steel – you can reduce scrappage by up to 30% due to precision cutting.

  • Confidence in lights out process
  • Cold forming
  • Best choice for quick and precise laser cutting
  • Superior surface quality
  • Fast cutting of laser steel
  • High-quality cut edges
  • Improved impact toughness reduces risk of cracks
  • Reduce scrappage
  • Guaranteed flatness
  • Reduce production times
  • Reduce the need for re-working

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Cut the scrap by up to 30%

Cold Forming – Performability

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