Project Description

Coen Steel – Preassembled Rebar Elements

Moving forward with our Strength & Innovation program, Coen Steel are now in a position to offer to our clients Preassembled Rebar elements.

Coen Steel prefabricated solutions are aimed at increasing Safety on site while also generating greater efficiency’s during the construction program which in turn generate monetary cost and time savings.

Here at Coen Steel our experienced team studies construction drawings to customise Prefabricated Reinforcement Elements which includes Columns, Beams, Diaphragm Walls, Slabs and Pile caps.

Some of the benefits to be gained by utilising Preassembled Rebar Elements are as follows:

  • Less labour required on site.
  • Speeds up construction program.
  • Reduces manual lifting.
  • Utilises on site machinery in a more efficient manner.
  • Creates safer working areas.
  • Ideal where space on site is at a premium.