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Grating Systems


Coen Steel - Grating Systems Coen Steel can supply a range of different types of grating systems. Grating systems are generally used in walkway applications. Below are a list of grating systems we stock. Forge welded gratings GRP grating and anti-slip products Combi-deck Stainless steel gratings Pressed in gratings For more [...]

Aluminium Chequer Plate


Aluminium Chequer Plate Aluminium Chequer Plate is a hot-rolled structural steel floor plate. It has a distinctive, raised surface which is slip-resistant at any angle – so chequer plate can be used in any direction. The plate has a self-draining surface, which is easy to clean and limits corrosion. Coen [...]

Corten Weathering Steel


Coen Steel - Corten Weathering Steel Cor-Ten has anti-corrosive properties, which reduces the requirement for maintenance costs and corrosion-prevention treatment during the product lifecycle. There is also less need for paint and solvents, due to the reduced requirement for corrosion prevention making it an environmentally friendly choice of steel. Typical applications are [...]

Laser Steel


Coen Steel - Laser Steel Laser steel has been on the market for 25+ years. It is a flat, clean steel which has guaranteed flatness before and after cutting. Due to the flatness of laser steel it is quick to cut which reduces the need for re-working and in turn decreases production [...]

Advanced High Strength Steel


Coen Steel - Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) Strenx – High Strength Performance Steel is the solution to making your products stronger, lighter and more effective; engineered for those with structural strength and weight savings in mind as key competitive factors.Coen's Strenx is well suited for the lifting, transportation, framing of heavy mobile machines, [...]

Steel Sheet & Plate


Coen Steel - Steel Plates Coen Steel sources and holds the most extensive range of standard and specialised premium-grade steel plates, ensuring that we can meet the needs of steel metal fabricators, manufacturing and engineering companies throughout Ireland. Our comprehensive range of mild steel plates includes: • Hot Rolled Plates in standard [...]

Stainless Steel Reinforcing


Coen Steel - Stainless Steel Reinforcing We cater for a wide range of stainless steel requirements. This includes the supply of stainless steel to the construction sector, in the form of reinforcement cut and bent steel. We also supply the highly technical engineering industry. Please see below for a sample of the [...]

Reinforcing Steel


Coen Steel  - Reinforcing Steel We supply the construction industry across Ireland and overseas with reinforcing steel in standard and non-standard lengths. Our innovative cutting and bending facility is one of the most advanced in Ireland and includes automatic shearing, several automatic link benders, and precision bending machines. We accept cutting and [...]

Stainless Steel Tying Wire


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