Laser steel has been on the market for 25+ years. It is a cold formable steel. With maximum flatness guaranteed before and after cutting. It is a clean steel which can increase productivity, giving a higher yield and end product quality.

Due to the flatness of laser steel – it makes for an ideal choice for quick and precise laser cutting. There is reduced scrappage of up to 30% with laser steel because of its precision cutting. It has guaranteed flatness, due to its optimised surface quality for laser cutting and with even quicker cutting speeds, it leaves a good quality cut edge. Laser steel can increase yield by up to 10%. With laser steel you will have shorter production times with reduced need for reworking. Saving on production costs. Laser steel also has greater impact toughness at low temperatures.

Laser steel is available for purchase in sheets or plates.

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In the video below, you will observe that the laser sheet was used to its maximum – cutting scrappage by up to 30%.